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Chris Cipollone

About the Author:

Chris Cipollone has served as an Anglican Minister in Sydney, Australia for nearly a decade. He is a speaker and author of ‘Down Not Out: Depression, Anxiety and the Difference Jesus Makes' which explores how an identity in Christ impacts our thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards mental health.

Chris has worked as a teacher and lecturer, holding degrees in education, journalism, business and theology.

He is married to Lara and has 4 young children.

About his own experience:

“I believe the Christian faith speaks powerfully into how we process the challenges of mental illness.

Jesus changes more than what we do. He transforms who we are.

While we may live with illness, we’re always more than our illness. In the gospel, we’re now defined by his loving mercy in the face of our weakness. It’s truly a privilege to be able to share what God has taught me with others in His Church.”



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