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Bessie Rios

About the Author:

Blesilda “Mommy Bessie” A. Rios has been educating parents through community and church presenting seminars since 1990. Her radio segment, Memo ni Mommy, over 702 DZAS has now extended its reach through a new radio program called Moms at Heart that aims to empower mothers to better respond to their calling. Her legacy to parents is made more complete with her two books with CSM, Memo ni Mommy and Ang Nanay Kong Titser. The Lord has favored her with two grown-up sons, each now raising his own family. She considers her Master’s degree in Family Life and Child Development (University of the Philippines in Diliman), in Christian Leadership (Asian Theological Seminary), and a doctorate degree in Education Administration (U.P. Diliman) as further training in gaining wisdom from the Lord. She also co-founded the Center for Early Childhood Care and Development and the Master’s Vineyard Academy. She is an engineer’s wife and a mom to her two sons: a lawyer and a computer programmer.

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