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Unlimited Rice vol. 6: Everyday Food for the Soul

Author: Joey C. Umali

Paperback Book, 180 pages


At one point, a discussion heated up regarding a proposal to ban the serving of unli rice in fast food chains and restaurants. And to think this even reached the halls of the Philippine Senate! The reason for this was because allegedly too much rice is detrimental to one’s health and this business campaign would lead to a great waste of rice. One pastor posted on his Facebook page that what would surely not be banned is the consumption of Unlimited Rice vol. 6: Everyday Food for the Soul. The continuous and plenteous consumption of these devotions would benefit our spiritual lives.

“You become what you eat,” says an adage. The physical food that you eat every day has tremendous impact on your health. Similarly, the spiritual food that we eat daily has tremendous impact on our personhood. May Unlimited Rice vol. 6: Everyday Food for the Soul become your regular source of spiritual nourishment.


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CATEGORY : Devotionals
PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (September, 2018)
ISBN/EAN : 4806523176590
LANGUAGE : English
EDITION : Mini-Book Series (2018)
WEIGHT (KG) : 0.25
BOOK DIMENSIONS : 4 x 6 inches