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Seminary Education by Extension: Process, Principles & Practices

Author: Lizette F. Knight

Paperback Book, 166 pages


Technology has changed every facet of our lives. It is even changing the face of education (and sometimes for the better). We live in a day where information is considered EQUIVALENT to instruction; where the accumulation of data is misinterpreted as education. This is the consummate challenge of our time. And nowhere is this more significant than in theological education. We are the defenders of higher learning, critical thinking, spiritual heritage, and Biblical exegesis. It may be counter-cultural; it may be uncool; it may be antiquated; but it is the task with which we have been entrusted. And the impact of our success will imprint a generation!  

So, what is unique about an extension? Some maintain that Extension Centers are a dinosaur. That with the Internet and other technological advances, Extensions will become extinct. But, I maintain that the viability of our extensions will be directly related to how we handle the challenges before us. We control the fate of our work.


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PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (March, 2015)
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