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I Married an Alien: The Quirks of a Cross-Cultural Marriage

Author: Grace Gaston-Dousel

Paperback Book, 230 pages


Are you single and looking at the profile of a good-looking foreigner in a dating site on the Internet? Or are you now dating someone outside of your own culture? Are you in a cross-cultural marriage beset with challenges and almost regretting the choices that you had made? In I Married an Alien, Grace Gaston-Dousel shares her own cross-cultural marriage experience and the love stories of some of her friends who also married across cultures. Be enlightened as she discusses matters like language, parenting, money matters, in-law relations, and other challenging aspects of cross-cultural marriage and how these can be properly handled to perk up an otherwise tough and difficult union. 



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CATEGORY : Inspirational/Self-Help
SUB CATEGORY : Family, Marriage and Relationship
PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (September, 2019)
ISBN/EAN : 480652317740-5
LANGUAGE : English
WEIGHT (KG) : 0.5
BOOK DIMENSIONS : 5.5 x 8.5 inches