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The Soldier, The Athlete, The Farmer

Author: Paul Chase

Paperback Book, 183 pages


With fresh insight, Paul Chase delivers a timely message that is a “must read” for every minister and for all of us who desire “to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.”

The soldier, the athlete, and the farmer have prominent different traits. The strength of one adds to and compensates for the weakness of the other, yet combined, the characters of the three strengthen and empower us to grow into a mature man. Also in this book, Paul Chase correlates the attributes and insights of the soldier, athlete, and farmer in dealing with the flesh, the devil and renewing of the mind.

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CATEGORY : Inspirational/Self-Help
SUB CATEGORY : Christian Living
PUBLISHER : All About Him Publication, Inc. (2015)
ISBN/EAN : 9786219538305
LANGUAGE : English
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