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VBS Fearless

Author: Daffodil Dedel

Paperback Book, 1 pages



Ready to fight your fears? Welcome to CSM’s VBS FEARLESS: Standing Boldly for God!

Have loads of fun as you and your kids explore biblical truths through this one-of-a kind VBS with a martial arts motif! VBS Fearless challenges you to go through five levels of exciting, action-filled training:

Level 1 trains you to be a Fearless Follower. Students learn that when they focus on God, fear turns to faith.

Level 2 trains you to be a Fearless Defender. Students learn that when God is with them, no one can stand against them.

Level 3 trains you to be a Fearless Peacemaker. Students learn that God can give them the courage to do the right thing.

Level 4 trains you to be a Fearless Worshiper. Students learn that God’s commands are above human rules.

Level 5 trains you to be a Fearless Witness. Students learn that Jesus has commanded us to spread the Good News about Him, at any cost.

Give kids five days’ worth of opportunities to marvel at God’s power, receive His offer of salvation, step out in obedient faith, and dare to take a stand for their convictions.

Because, as every true disciple knows, it takes courage to follow Jesus!




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CATEGORY : Vacation Bible School
PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (September, 2016)
LANGUAGE : English/Tagalog
WEIGHT (KG) : 2.5