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VBS Athletics

Author: Daffodil Dedel

Paperback Book, 1 pages


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This exciting, sports-themed VBS is designed to help kids become energetic followers of the only Coach who can put their lives on the right track—Jesus!

Each lesson takes you and your athletes-in-training through a vital exercise in running the race of life for God’s glory.

Track 1 is all about Entering the Games. Here, Athletes learn the importance of focus and discover that believing in Jesus is the only way to qualify for eternal rewards.

Track 2 is all about Overcoming Resistance. Here, Athletes learn the value of discipline and realize that sin hinders them from pursuing God’s will for their lives.

Track 3 is all about Facing Present Pain for Future Gain. Here, Athletes learn to have endurance and recognize that Jesus endured the cross to give them everlasting life.

Track 4 is all about Playing as a Team. Here, Athletes practice teamwork and learn to function as part of God’s team.

Track 5 is all about Going for the Gold. Here, Athletes develop confidence and learn to look forward to the heavenly prize that God has promised to those who love Him.

Teach kids to take their spiritual growth seriously, like an Olympic athlete seriously trains for a race or competition. With Jesus as their Team Owner, Head Coach, and Role Model, they can fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith!

Package includes:

  • 50 student’s journals (full color, good for ages 4-12)
  • 3 teacher’s manuals
  • 1 director’s manual
  • 3 VBS posters
  • 50 name tags

PLUS downloadable youth lessons!



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CATEGORY : Vacation Bible School
PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (September, 2015)
LANGUAGE : English/Tagalog
WEIGHT (KG) : 2.5