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A New Breed: Call for a New Generation of Pastoral Leaders

Author: Philip C. Flores

Paperback Book, 96 pages


The times call for a new type of leader who will lead our churches to obey the will of God in the midst of new challenges. 


“Tell the house of Israel everything you see” (Ezekiel 40:4).

I became National Director of TOPIC-Philippines in 1999. This is a coalition of institutions and organizations whom God burdened with a vision to help His church in the Philippines raise competent and spiritual leadership teams. What I saw and heard about Filipino pastors from every region of the country made me tremble. It wasn’t good news at all. We, as pastors of God’s people, have been weighed and are found wanting. We need to repent!

What you have in your hands right now is more than a book. In it is a burden of the heart. The burden did not come overnight. It evolved after many years of ministering to and with Filipino church leaders. The risk of being misunderstood was great, a price I was willing to pay. The message: There is an urgent need for a new breed, a new generation of pastoral leaders in our country today.

—Philip C. Flores

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PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (2010)
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