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Games Satan Plays: Contemporary Occultism

Author: Edilberto Banzuelo

Paperback Book, 181 pages


• Why does God strongly condemn in the Bible all forms of occultism and sternly prohibit His people from dabbling with it?

• Are not Bible-believing Christians guilty of generalization in saying that all forms of occultism are demonic, and therefore, evil?

• It is a “fact” that certain types of spiritism do “heal” and provide relief beyond the reach of medical science. Would you not consider these as exceptions to the self-serving, aspersions cast on mediums and faith healers?

• If certain occultists use biblical verses and names of deity and saints in their incantations and rituals, is it possible that God, not Satan, is the One who answers them?

• May a person be involved with occult practices and remain a Christian? Will there be serious consequences? If so, what?

• What relief or deliverance does the Bible provide for the occultly subjected or enslaved person?

• May any pastor, evangelist, or missionary engage in counseling victims of occult involvement? If so, what preparations do they need?

“It has been a burden in my heart to make known what really is occultism and why God strongly prohibits it and condemns its practitioners and adherents. Happily, the Word of God offers relief and deliverance from occult enslavement that is only possible through the Lord Jesus Christ.” –Edilberto Banzuelo

For this purpose, the Son of Man was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8)



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PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (2013)
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