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God Where You Live & Work: Turning the Church Right Side Up to Turn the World Upside Down

Author: Robert Clark

Paperback Book, 83 pages


In the past, common people had to go through a priest to have access to God. It was only through the priest that lay people could receive the grace of God. Many believed that only the priests should be allowed to read and apply the Scriptures to daily life. There was a clear distinction between the sacred and the secular with the belief that the clergy were closer to God than the common person.

When this old approach to God continued to be followed in the church, it resulted in common lay people viewing themselves as second-class citizens of the Kingdom of God. The natural conclusion was that to be pleasing to God, a person must enter the priesthood or some other religious order. It seemed that only the priests, those set-apart and specially trained religious professionals, had direct access to and intimacy with God.

The Bible clearly teaches that when a person became a child of God, he or she became a priest! Over and over we are declared to be priests in our relationship to God. In 1 Peter 2:5, Scripture says that God has transformed each one of us into “a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

When we fully grasp the reality of the priesthood of all believers, it will greatly enrich our personal walk with God and a whole world of ministry opportunities opens up before us.



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