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Survival Quest 1 (Student's Worktext)

Paperback Book, 209 pages


Survival Quest is a Bible course for third year students or grade 9 students in a Christian high school or a Christian home. Each chapter presents an in-depth Scriptural study of the life of an Old and New Testament character. Using both positive and negative examples, students learn from the context of the individual’s life how to face both the challenges of everyday living and the challenges of overwhelming experiences. The emphasis extends beyond surviving to thriving in the midst of such circumstances as they learn the true meaning of Romans 8:37, “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

The Bible characters and life skills studied throughout the year are:

  1. Adam and Eve: Surviving Temptation
  2. Barnabas: Surviving Broken Relationships
  3. Joshua: Surviving Poor Decisions
  4. Leah: Surviving Rejection
  5. Nehemiah: Surviving Peer Pressure
  6. Mary (Mother of Jesus): Surviving Family Stress
  7. Timothy: Surviving Lack of Self-Confidence
  8. Abraham: Surviving an Unknown Future
  9. Absalom: Surviving Loss of Self-Control
  10. Ruth: Surviving a Terrible Loss
  11. David: Surviving Sin’s Consequence
  12. Samson: Surviving Irresponsible Behavior
  13. Philemon: Surviving Personal Conflicts
  14. Joash: Surviving Overwhelming Responsibilities
  15. Joseph: Surviving Sibling Rivalry
  16. Peter: Surviving Inconsistency
  17. Isaiah: Surviving Uncertainties in Life
  18. Review: Highlights of Survival Quest


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