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Build Your Future Today: A No Nonsense Guide To Investing

Author: Randell Tiongson

Paperback Book, 113 pages


This book will help you understand what investing is all about, how to invest, and why there is a need to do so. It will take you through the many facets of investing—from investment planning to the rudimentary understanding of investment instruments, how they work, and which ones are right for you.

While this book is relatively comprehensive, it is not a book that can answer all your questions—no book can. This is a book for you to read so you can begin and beginning will be the biggest (and best!) decision you will need to take. You can achieve your goals, and build your future. Take the time to learn because it will make a big difference in your future.



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CATEGORY : Stewardship/Personal Finance
PUBLISHER : YOUnique Publishing (2017)
ISBN/EAN : 9786218013063
LANGUAGE : English
EDITION : Softbound
WEIGHT (KG) : 0.19
BOOK DIMENSIONS : 5.7 x 8.7 inches