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Young Women on the Journey 2: Beauty for Ashes

Paperback Book, 163 pages


On the road to becoming the becoming the beauty queen in their story and finding personal significance and the man of their dreams, countless young women are beset by questions that seek resolution, such as:

          How will I know love if I have not known it a home?

          How will I face the future when it is threatened by tragedy, disease or disability?

          How do I bloom beautifully in a world capable of inflicting hurt, tragedy, and betrayal and still live out God’s call upon my life?

From the makers of the bestselling devotional, Young Women on the Journey, comes another compilation of inspiring testimonial devotions written by young women to fellow young women. Be encouraged by how 32 young women aged 18-30 faced and overcame everything from their daily questions to their forbidding life situations as they brought these before God’s feet. Witness how He turned their queries and cries into beautiful testimonies of victory, redemption, and love.

As foreword writer, TV host, actress and pastor’s wife Rice Peralejo-Bonifacio leads this gallery portraying God’s handiwork of bestowing beauty upon young women emerging from ashes of their lives.

As these women overcame, discover how you can, too. Scripture passages for meditation preceding each of the 70 stories and memory verses after them showcase the power of God’s truth applied in one’s life.



Hanah Gail Alparas | Christin Alvarez | Renee Rose Pulanco-Atienza | Esther Eunice Tapao-Bongalos | Cathy Canaceli | Jessa Catle | Dove Cometa | Violet Lucasi-Elrays | Arla Fontamillas | Ara Janelle Foronda | Grace Ann Rodriguez-Garcia | Isabella Ledesma Gonzalez | Alei Tan-Hussey | Janine Liao | Lenny Lim | Mika dela Fuente-Kairuz | Jezreel Manugue | Christel Joy Martinez | Jane Martinez | Annie Molito | Alyanna Morales | Gretz Mulingtapang | Jessica Orleans | Riza Pilapil | Charis Ramos | Hannah Jemimah Rico | Mare Cris Nitura-Sanders | Patricia Santiago | Laarni Tellano | Rajsh Sabio-Velasquez | Leslie Vergara | Megan Verona | Eyozhavel Vidamo




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CATEGORY : Devotionals
PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (2013)
ISBN/EAN : 4806523172530
LANGUAGE : English
EDITION : Softbound
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BOOK DIMENSIONS : 5 x 7 inches