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Young Women on the Journey

Paperback Book, 176 pages


Young women are women at the crossroads. They face a daunting new world and a future they have to make decisions for now. The task can be unnerving as they bring along with them all the uncertainty from experiences in childhood through adolescence.

Nevertheless, life-defining decisions have to be made: courses, career, love, and marriage. Meanwhile, they are also making vital choices in the undercurrent that become the context for these major decisions. “Am I beautiful and worthwhile?”  “What truth do I embrace about myself, this life, this world?”  “Who am I and what am I all about?”

Young women will identify with and be encouraged by how the writers ages 18-30 are facing and overcoming critical roadblocks as they begin their journey through life. Through their stories, the reader will see how they brought their predicaments and questions before God and found the confidence to continue on with a surer footing. Scripture passages for meditation preceding the story and a memory verse after it will anchor the reader to the truth about one’s situation.



Leri Mae Abelarde • Mutya Acebron • Sharon Alfonso • Chalice Grail Avarientos • Jean Barcena • Maribeth Barcoso • Camille Basa • Marian Cabahug • Amelia Chouravong • Cecile Corvera • Leslie Cukingan • Stephanie Dan • Jodi Christie Darcen • Lea Edrosolan • Jean Galang • Ginger de Guia • Shamira Japitana • Charlyn Josue • Charm Lacdao • Vanessa Liwanag • Alexis June Manansala • Rochelle Martin • Ingrid Hazel Nieto • Charissa Pajaron • Patricia Ann Pangasinan • Rhea Paredes • Wawa Ponce • Gospel Grace Porquez • LJ Salceda • Joannie Sitoy • Kristina Sy • Esther Eunice Tapao • Julianne Tarroja • Laarni Tellano • Ai Tolentino • Faye Villanueva • Nikki Gil


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CATEGORY : Devotionals
PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (2015)
ISBN/EAN : 4806523174008
LANGUAGE : English
EDITION : Mini-Book Series
WEIGHT (KG) : 0.15
BOOK DIMENSIONS : 4 x 6 inches