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What Cannot Be Lost: How Jesus Holds Us Together When Life is Falling Apart

Author: Melissa Zaldivar

Paperback Book, 160 pages


Melissa Zaldivar talks honestly about losing everything that once defined her and how God used unexpected opportunities - such as working at Orchard House, where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women - to spark a journey of working through her grief and encountering the all-sufficient love of Christ.

Weaving inspiring passages of Scripture and insights from Little Women into her personal story, Melissa encourages readers with her discovery that it's when we have nothing left to offer that we can receive God's love the most. And that's something that can never be lost.

"A beautiful testimony to the power good stories have to make our lives better, even (or especially) when we face great loss."

"Melissa kindly nudges those walking through grief to collapse into the strong arms of Jesus and find comfort, even in the pit."

"One of the most honest books on grief I've ever read."

MELISSA ZALDIVAR is a writer and book marketer by profession and has told the story of Jesus in contexts from Bible studies to articles. She has a master's in theology and is the host of Cheer Her On, a podcast for those needing encouragement, honesty, and some humor.


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CATEGORY : Inspirational/Self-Help
SUB CATEGORY : Christian Living
PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (2023)
ISBN/EAN : 4806523178693
LANGUAGE : English
EDITION : Softbound
WEIGHT (KG) : 0.179
BOOK DIMENSIONS : 5 x 7.9 in.