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The Truth Revealed: The Character, Origin, and Preservation of the Holy Scriptures

Author: Bob French

Paperback Book, 153 pages


The Bible makes some amazing claims about itself. Countless attempts have been made to discredit the Bible. Yet archaeology, cosmology, science, history, and numerous other scholastic disciplines have consistently demonstrated that God’s Word is completely true and accurate.

Have you ever wondered why various books like The Gospel of Judas, The Gospel of Peter, The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene), and others are not found in the Bible? What authority does the Bible have? How accurate is the Bible? This book seeks to answer these and the following questions:

• What does the Bible teach about itself?

• How did such an amazing book come to us?

• How was it preserved over the centuries?


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CATEGORY : Church Resources
PUBLISHER : Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (2023)
ISBN/EAN : 4806523178815
LANGUAGE : English
EDITION : Softbound
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BOOK DIMENSIONS : 4.5 x 7 in.