Online Sunday School Workshop Series: Creative Ways To Tell Bible Stories Webinar

Seminar speaker: Raquel Lomugdang

Registration Fee: P200.00 (until Sep 23, 2020)

Late Registration Fee: 200.00


Raquel Lomugdang is a pre-school teacher in Cavite. She has been involved in the children’s ministry since 2003 and her specialties are puppetry and crafts. She is also an author of various VBS curricula and has been an SS and VBS trainer for CSM since 2012.


September 26, 2020, Saturday, 9:00am to 11:30am


Registration is P200 for 95 participants ONLY (inclusive of e-handouts and e-certificates), Registration is until September 21, 2020 ONLY


How to register:
via CSM Website
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Step 𝟏. Deposit or bank transfer P200 per participant (until SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 ONLY) via BDO bank deposit
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Account Name: Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc.
Deposit the required registration fee.


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