CSM introduces Spirit-Empowered Prayer for midyear prayer and fasting season

By CSM Publishing

Jul 05, 2022

With half of 2022 done and dusted, many churches and believers now observe a season of prayer and fasting to check their spiritual bearings. But is it actually possible to have a consistent prayer life—one that is less ritualistic and legalistic—for the rest of the year?

This July, Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (CSM Publishing) introduces Spirit-Empowered Prayer: Partnering with God in Advancing His Kingdom, a heartfelt and eye-opening volume on the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer. The book is written by Bishop Manny Carlos of Victory Philippines, together with former campus minister Walter Walker.

“One of my greatest hesitations about agreeing to write a book on prayer is the conveyed assumption,” Bishop Manny says in the introduction to the book. “It suggests that I have figured all this out, I have discovered some secret, I have mastered prayer and devotional life, or prayer and communion with God have become so easy and natural that I’m able to simply sit back and let it happen. Well, that’s not even remotely the case. This is a lifelong journey of following Jesus as his disciple and of learning to fellowship with the Holy Spirit as easily and unceasingly as he did.”

The book aims to encourage believers—regardless of being new or already journeying for some time now in the faith—to grow closer to the Holy Spirit for a more consistent prayer life. “Through a series of events, I had come to believe in the power of prayer in partnering with God to see his kingdom and will being done on earth as it is in heaven, and sincerely endeavored to devote myself to the practice,” Bishop Manny adds.

Spirit-Empowered Prayer is a helpful guide for this midyear prayer and fasting season as Christians seek to renew their spiritual direction for the rest of 2022. But it is also a big help to all believers who sincerely desire a prayer life that is more in tune with God’s will not only for this year but for their entire life journey with Christ.

Order your copy of Spirit-Empowered Prayer by Manny Carlos with Walter Walker at CSM Publishing’s official online stores at Lazada and Shopee starting July 5, 2022. For bulk orders, send an email to order@csm-publishing.com.