CSM Holds First How to Get Along With Difficult People Seminar


Dec 17, 2019

Sometimes, the most difficult people we have to get along with... are ourselves.

This was one of the key takeaway points in the "How to Get Along With Difficult People" seminar held at CSM last December 7, 2019. Longtime CSM trainer and Human Resources consultant Millie Espino led this new seminar for anyone working with people.

The seminar taught relational skills in developing harmonious relationships with hard to satisfy people at church, at work, or in the ministry. "How can we deal with these people?" was the most commonly asked question at the seminar.

Espino identified ten types of difficult people: the saboteur, the Roman candle, the helpless controller, the general’s assistant, Pinocchio, the hyper-controller, the boomerang, the nitpicker, the complainer, and the depressed and unhappy. Through small group activities, participants realized that they themselves could be those persons difficult to deal with, leading them to pray for themselves and ask for God's forgiveness.

Espino outlined some interventions to help resolve conflict, such as interviewing or coaching in overcoming problematic attitudes. She also shared four important tips in dealing with difficult people: 1) Speak with respect; 2) Desire to discern; 3) Examine yourself; and 4) Pray for the difficult person you are dealing with. "The best way to deal with difficult people is to do it with love. Love them in such a way that they will want to know about God,” she concluded.

For more training on how to develop your skills in church, two Skills Building Workshops are lined up in January 2020: Sound Engineering on January 18 and Music in Teaching for Sunday School Teachers on January 25. For more information, call the CSM Training Department at 8852-7301 local 110.

Seminar speaker Millie Espino led a paper folding and tearing activity at the start of the program and later on, related it to personal assessment of participants.


Small group discussion among participants


Question and answer portion in the afternoon


Seminar speaker Millie Espino (center, 3rd row) with participants & Training Coordinator Cat Santos (front row, kneeling 2nd from left)