CSM Unveils New Logo in 2020


Jan 21, 2020

The year 2020 marks a new beginning for Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. as we recalibrate the organization’s thrust amidst the changing times and challenging situations these bring. In line with its lineup of projects for the year, CSMI unveils its new corporate logo as a refreshing representation of the organization’s core values, mission, and vision.

The new corporate logo spells CSMI with its elements embodying significant meanings.

The letter M, formed by two individuals whose hands are joined, represents the teamwork among CSM’s staff members and ministry partners. We may be diverse and individually unique, but we believe that much can be accomplished when we work together with the rest of the Body of Christ rather than apart from them.

The silhouette of an open book in light blue at the lower portion represents our commitment to produce theologically-sound materials that are strongly grounded in the Word of God. We publish resources that aim to strengthen the Church and create a godly impact on today’s world.

In publishing and in our training events, it is our mission to be an instrument to bridge the gap between the Church and the world as we reach out to people with the message of the gospel that ushers in the transformation of lives. This is what the letter “I” represents.

The main highlight in the logo is the cross which represents our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, around Whom all CSMI’s activities are centered and to Whom we attribute all our successes. We make sure all our products and services show a high quality of competence and substance because we believe that God and His people deserve only the best.

CSMI’s new corporate logo with its simple, clean, and modern look speaks of the company’s direction as it ushers in another decade of carrying out God’s purposes in ministering to this new generation.

The logo flashed on a white screen as it was presented during CSMI’s 30th anniversary banquet last Sept 21, 2019


CSM’s new corporate logo was conceptualized and executed by three people representing different generations: (L-R) CSM President and CEO Mr. Abner Lacson, Retired Army Col. Romeo Solina, and CSM Graphic Artist Nadz Balingasa