Authors Speak on Their Books The Fire Within & Thanks-Living


Nov 27, 2020

Book authors Marcia Malzahn of The Fire Within and Willy Chua of Thanks-Living led webinars within a month apart of each other.  Nicaragua-born now US citizen Malzahn spoke live from Minnesota, USA last October 24, 2020 and Filipino businessman and traveling minister Willy Chua from QC last November 24, 2020.

Malzahn shared from her wealth of experience and spiritual journey as a corporate executive and business owner about the importance of knowing one’s gifts, climbing our own “mountain,” and preparing one’s legacy. Beyond discovering one’s purpose and gifts, she tackled the value of helping others discover theirs. Malzahn also expressed her desire to visit the Philippines in the near future.

For his second online inspirational talk, Chua gave a stirring message on giving thanks as a lifestyle. Chua delved deeper into the attitude of gratitude by saying, “Thanksgiving is a form of worship; it is placing God in the center of our focus. Ingratitude focuses on things we don’t have and encourages a sense of entitlement.” His first virtual talk for CSM last August 6, 2020 was also based on his other book, Harvesting in Famine.

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Ms. Marci Malzahn with some of the participants during the Q and A portion


Some of Marci Malzahn’s slides flashed during her morning talk


Some of Pastor Willy Chua’s nuggets of wisdom flashed during his evening webinar