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Rey Halili †

About the Author:

Reynaldo (Rey) de Guzman Halili started his corporate career in PEMCO, a subsidiary of General Electric, USA. From accounting and financial planning, he switches to Materials Management, Production, Purchasing and Inventory control. He moved to Vicks International, then to Rubber World Philippines, Inc. as Production and Materials Planning Manager. He was then promoted to AVP-Administration in charge of Personnel, Training & Human Resource Development.

Rey makes a dramatic turn around when from a corporate career, he resigned to start a non-stock, non-profit Christian publishing company Alliance Publishers for the Christian and Missionary Alliance of the Philippines. Later, he became CEO of OMF Literature, Inc., concurrent to being General Manager of Philippine Christian Bookstores. In his semi stage retirement, he served at the Institute of Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISACC), World Evalengical Fellowship (WEF), Philippine Challenge, Inc. (PCI). Recently, he put up an indigenous publishing operation - Wingspread Publishing and a Business and Life Coach Office.

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