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Shaping Dreams Into Vision: Vision to Realities

Author: Rey Halili † , Rodrigo Tano †

Paperback Book, 109 pages


The book delves into the human passion and how passsion is translated into dreasms and shaped into vision. Case studies are contributed by visionary leaders who have both passed through bitter-sweet adventures and have seen these visions come into living realities. It describes how vision takes its shape, placed in the furnace, shaped on the anvil od hard work, perseverance and determination and reshaped to meet the test and approval of time.  This book also presents techniques of scenario planning and organizatinal learning to guide the reader through the complex process of identifying and changing reality.

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CATEGORY : Inspirational/Self-Help
SUB CATEGORY : Inspirational
PUBLISHER : Wingspread Publishing
ISBN/EAN : 9786219577601
LANGUAGE : English
EDITION : Softbound
WEIGHT (KG) : 0.15
BOOK DIMENSIONS : 21 x 14 x 1